Film Marking - Follow the Flow

Film and foils are flexible – not the sort of materials you’d expect to be able to add markings to. But lasers work without direct contact, so they can even be used to add accurate markings to uneven surfaces.

Ideal for marking films ...

...whichever angle you’re coming from!

Films are found on a huge variety of products. But they’re not just about protection. For some they are an ideal vehicle for catching the customer’s eye. For others, they’re crucial to preserving product quality or as a medium for sharing key information such as ingredients and expiration dates.

Films and foils also come in a variety of formats, thicknesses, and material compositions. On top of this, they have to meet different demands and withstand plenty of wear and tear – especially if they will come into contact with solvents, water, or liquids containing oily substances.

This makes it hard for markings which are added to films to be totally accurate.

Our flexible solution for film applications

Iriotec® 8000 laser marking pigments are perfect for clean, fast, and razor-sharp marking on thin or thick film.

  • Extremely accurate definition
  • Light-neutral, color-neutral – suitable for incorporation into other colors or white films
  • Quick to use, thus boosting yield
  • No pretreatment and even suitable for use in dusty environments
  • Contact-free
  • High quality even on curved surfaces
  • Cannot be removed using solvents

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