OLED materials for lighting

Make light come alive with a broad range of OLED materials for general lighting.

Bright innovations

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are a revolution in lighting. Unlike conventional lighting sources in which electricity causes a filament or gas to glow, the electricity in OLEDs flows through ultrafine organic layers – one hundred times thinner than a single hair. Here, the light is generated.

These technologies offer tremendous energy savings and require less electrical power. This expands lighting possibilities into new dimensions of design and function. 


OLED lighting

OLEDs enable a new dimension of illumination.

The light they emit is warm, pleasant, and glare-free. OLEDs reproduce natural colors, perfect for lighting ambiance with color and brightness control. OLEDs are area emitters, generating a broad sun-like spectrum. OLED lighting panels are energy-efficient, extremely thin, and can be transparent and flexible, making it possible to create entirely new lighting objects. In the future, luminous windows, curtains, and wallpapers may become part of our everyday lives.

As a leading manufacturer, we offer a complete portfolio of premium materials for OLED lighting under the livilux® brand name. These include OLED materials for vacuum processing and printing processes.


How it works

Electricity in OLEDs flows through ultrafine organic semiconductor layers—one hundred times thinner than a single hair—causing the semiconductor to emit light. The organic layers are applied to a substrate made from thin glass or a flexible film. Our broad range of livilux® OLED materials makes this possible.

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