As we continue to set ambitious goals, we have learned the importance of collaboration. So, we’ve created many ways for innovators like yourself to join us in making a difference in the world.

There’s another way we stay innovative. It involves you.

Over our long history we’ve developed the reputation, expertise and infrastructure to do cutting-edge internal scientific research and product development. However, to best serve our customers and meet our goal of changing the world, we also think it’s vital we partner and collaborate with others, beyond our own laboratories. We are committed to broadening our relationships with other innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, based on your needs and objectives. Our goal is to find a way to match our resources with your initiatives and help you maximize their potential. 

High-quality innovation doesn’t happen in a day. Let's collaborate on the long term.
In case you're looking for a dependable, transparent, and industry-leading partner, we'd love to hear from you about what you're working on. Discover how to partner with a company that drives human progress worldwide. Become our partner today!

Belén Garijo Belén Garijo

“Successful partnering requires active listening, commitment from all parties and above all mutual trust.”

Belén Garijo

Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Better together

We are committed to achieving success in close collaboration with our partners. With dedicated alliance managers, joint project teams, a governance structure that facilitates decision making and open communication, we do our best to pursue and reach common goals within a wide variety of partnerships. The scientists of our globally integrated research and development hubs have access to a strong network of alliances and are always curious to learn about new approaches.

We have an unparalleled track record for stringent due diligence and targeted partnering in all of our business. Find out more by clicking on the links below.

Our corporate venture fund can help you go that extra mile. We’ve dedicated resources and employees to target and support young companies with great ideas for new products or technologies. Is yours next?

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