Color of the Year 2019

“Flow Sand”

Color of the year 2019

Flow Sand is an elegant greyish-gold color, gradually revealing a warm orange undertone in the down-flop. It is inspired by wet sand on the beach at sunset,  golden city lights at night, sun-bleached wood, the earthy scent of vetiver and the subtle taste of candi sugar.

Coatings Formulation

The coating formulation contains amongst others Iriodin® 9612 Silver-Grey Fine Satin and Iriodin® 9520 Bronze Satin.

For support in regard to finding the right formulation for you, please contact your local representative.

Effect color of the year 2017

Fruity and fresh, this plum-like purple is slightly reddish with inspirations from old rose and ripe fruit. The versatile shade of Blue Glow Purple works its magic in different ways. It can fit with punk or royal styles, reveal quiet mystery, or shock and surprise. While it boasts slightly reddish undertones from a flat viewing angle, seen from a different perspective, its blue interference highlights really pop. This interplay gives it the special glow referred to in its name. “The versatility of this effect color perfectly fits the trend toward adaptability we expect to see in the coming year,” says Filip Roscam, Design Director at Pigments & Functional Materials.

Blue-Glow Purple is a color designed for so many applications: coatings, plastics, even cosmetics! We’re convinced it will fascinate designers of all backgrounds in the months ahead.

The versatility of this effect color perfectly fits the trend toward adaptability we expect to see in the coming year.

Filip Roscam

Design Director

Pigments & Functional Materials


24.8% Iriodin® 96107 Icy White Lightning

32.0% Xirallic® NXT T260-30 Tigris Blue

13.0% Pigment Magenta PR202

28.0% Pigment Violet 19

2.2% Carbon Black

28.0% PMC (pigment mass concentration in dry film)

Third Party Trademarks

Alpate® is a trademark of Toyo Europe

HELIOGEN® is a trademark of BASF SE, Germany

Stapa® is a trademark of Eckart GmbH, Hartenstein, Germany

Emperor® is a trademark of Cabot Corporation, Alpharetta, USA

Monolite® is a trademark of Heubach GmbH, Langelsheim, Germany

Microtitan® is a trademark of Tayca corporation, Japan

Kronos® is a trademark of Kronos INC., Germany


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