Global Mobility Color Inspirations

What will our life look like in the future? Five color inspiration topics capture this tantalizing question and explore the future of transportation and movement.

Color of transportation

The Global Mobility Color Inspirations tool is summary of the trends that move our society, and affect our perception, our preferences, and our way of expressing ourselves.

This collection is the most recent color trend tool by our design expert Filip Roscam. But this time he did not just summarize his observations, but also led a workshop with international designers and other trend experts.

The tool

"Trans sense" consists of five individual inspirational topics that come to life with the help of pictures, text descriptions, and – most importantly – eight different stylings. Each chapter translates the trend topics into real colors, forming a starting point for your own journey into the world of future travel – whether the colors are for automotive applications or any other type of transportation.

Let's discuss the future of colors and transportation together

In regards to how this might affect color choice, I think there will be a dichotomy. On the one hand, the ‘share’ car trend will concentrate on color branding, while on the other, owners of the new technology cars will still be looking for ‘status’ colors.

Barbara Marshall

Marshall Design


Electronic devices are all around us, and what once wasn’t so prominent in cars will be in our face. I believe we’ll want and need more natural colors, but those that delight and surprise.

Narss Lapinid



What's the essence?

Five global trends with names as inspiring as the colors behind them

Five global trends that describe the future of society

Five global trend that build a bridge between artificial and natural

Five global trends that picture how we will interact with our environment

One tool that shows the colors of future mobility

It’s normal for a new electric car to look different than traditional cars. Owning an electric car and charger is a luxury and a social statement. Examples are pioneers who make use of green and blue in car body designs or create a unique identity by changing color proportions.

Xiaojing Huang

Yang Design