The short-termism

Hamster Wheel

The more

the better?

Researchers face increasing pressure to produce results in ever shorter timeframes, with negative consequences. For example, quality is affected by errors, fraud, and a lack of reproducibility. Shorter funding cycles may lead to less research in unexplored areas. Another effect, ironically, is that most scientists don't have the time to follow what is being published because they are too busy publishing and researching. As a result, how are they supposed to work productively? It’s like running on a hamster wheel. Shouldn't we stop for a moment and think about how this could be done better?     

  • 73%

    say that pressure to produce results or publish papers has increased over the past 10 years 

  • 59%

    say too much low-quality research is published. This may be linked to increasing pressure to publish

  • 74%

    say that shorter funding cycles leads to less research in new, unexplored areas

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