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Our portfolio fuels the work of scientists, technicians and professionals worldwide.

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Scientists, technicians and professionals from a wide array of fields and career levels rely on our products to pioneer methods, launch experiments and power daily tasks. Whether the team is a few people or thousands, we help them succeed. Our portfolio is one of the broadest in the industry, with over 300,000 products. Start exploring on

Whether you work in a biopharmaceutical facility, government research site, diagnostic labs or academic research group, we have solutions to support your work. We’re proud that our customers cover a broad swath of science and hail from across the world. Learn about our key portfolios:

  • Chemistry — Chemists depend on our expansive catalog of chemicals, solvents and materials. We always look for novel ways to accelerate research and improve life in the lab, including new technology and digital solutions.  
  • Biology — Every lab keeps a list of tools and consumables they rely on every day. When the supply cabinet runs out, research grinds to a halt. We provide a wide array of reliable tools — from PCR kits to filters — and a lengthy list of others — to biologists tackling new or long-standing questions.
  • Diagnostics and Regulated Materials — We ensure customers can access critical materials, like lateral flow membranes, reagents and peptides, to run tests and advance their research.  
  • Biomonitoring — A sterile environment is paramount for many processes, and we provide instruments and testing kits to ensure this. We also provide all the tools researchers need to create successful cultures. 
  • Lab Water — The most well-thought-out research experiments are compromised if water is riddled with trace contaminants. Researchers across disciplines have put their trust in our lab water systems, consumables and service for over 50 years.

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Whether in a hospital, remote clinic or remote communities, point-of-care tests are a valuable tool for clinicians, caregivers and individuals. The quality of components within the tests — like lateral flow membranes — is a significant predictor of the test’s efficacy, which is where we come in. We work alongside customers to develop tests for numerous diseases, improving accuracy, cost-efficiency and accessibility.

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While research protocols and goals across labs vary widely, the need for ultrapure water is unifying. Inconsistent water can foil even the most well-thought-out experiments. Milli-Q® systems are found in labs around the world and across all industries. Given how pervasive and essential they are for researchers, it didn’t surprise us too much when we started to learn that some labs name their Milli-Q® systems.

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Anyone with a well-stocked pantry knows how easy it is to lose track of expiration dates on a myriad of cans and jars. Like pantries, keeping track of products in a lab setting is a challenge. LANEXO® lab inventory manager uses unique identifiers and digital tracking systems to help researchers quickly locate products with the nearest expiration dates and provide other solutions, like returnable barrels.

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