Our Team

Our Team brings together colleagues with a background in many different scientific fields.

Our Team

We bring together colleagues with a background in many different scientific fields – from neuroscience over physics and chemistry to computer science and mathematics. But we are united in our belief that Artificial Intelligence will be the single technology with the strongest impact on economy and society in the decades to come – and we aim to shape and foster this progress in a responsible way.

Helmut leads our company's global data science organization and as a theoretical physicist he tries to understand the phenomenon of intelligence from an abstract point of view. He says ‘In order to understand the brain, you have to invent one’ – and he believes that a focused interdisciplinary approach improves the chances to succeed.

Mathias is a scientist at the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany AI Research team. His background is in theoretical physics, numerical methods for computer simulation and industrial software development. Being always curious about new ideas for solving difficult problems, he is convinced that considerable progress in creating better AI and improving our understanding of nature's approach to intelligence will be possible by means of an interdisciplinary effort.

Alex is an AI research scientist in our team. As a mathematician, he is most interested in developing a better understanding of the theoretical background of modern AI. He is certain that a solid and rigorous mathematical foundation combined with the newest results in the field of neuroscience are necessary for creating better AI that truly deserves to be called 'intelligent'.