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Human Progress

As a vibrant science and technology company, we believe in science as a force for good. We make a positive difference on millions of people´s lives every day.

Who we are

    About us
  • Discover how we are using science to drive human progress!

    Our passion for science and technology is what drives our around 63,000 employees across 65 countries to find solutions to some of today’s toughest challenges and create more sustainable ways to live.

    About Us
  • Life Science
  • We accelerate access to health for people everywhere!

    Before researchers can make scientific breakthroughs, they must have access to state-of-the-art tools, services and expertise in order to perform experiments and engineer new products. That’s where we come in.

    Life Science
  • Healthcare
  • We aim to change lives!

    The work of our Healthcare business can help to make a difference to millions of lives. We put our patients at the center of everything we do.

  • Electronics
  • Together with our customers we push the boundaries of science and tech!

    Discover why Electronics starts with us and how together with our customers, we are creating the next generation of materials, equipment and services that will advance our world.

  • Business Ethics
  • More than 350 Years of ethical conduct

    We follow strict principles that are set by our company values! In our work, we encounter various bioethical and digital ethics topics and issues, including stem cell use, the use of genetically modified microorganisms, use of health data, and the potential impact of new genome editing techniques.

    Business Ethics

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Ana Tornero and Gianpiero Lorusso

The patter of tiny (ecological) feet
We caught up with Ana Tornero, our Global Marketing Director of Global Business Franchise Fertility, and Gianpiero Lorusso, our Director of Global Upstream Logistics, Global Healthcare Operations, to find out how our new Slim Pack helps reduce the ecological footprint of our fertility business…
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Kristin Balk and Till Langner

One view on sustainability in R&D
We understand that Research and Development plays a key role in creating sustainable solutions. Hence, a systemic approach to unite sustainability activities under one umbrella was established. We caught up with Till Langner and Kristin Balk to find out more…
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Verena Buback

Driving decarbonization together!
Sustainability doesn’t stop at company borders – that’s why we also consider our suppliers and business partners as part of our overall sustainability approach. We talked to Verena Buback, our Head of Sustainable Procurement, about our Supplier Decarbonization Program.
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Jean Enno Charton

Safeguarding human progress!
Scientific, technological, and cultural change can take place at incredible pace. In an interview with Dr. Jean Enno Charton, our Director of Bioethics, and Digital Ethics, we discover how the company responds to current ethical issues in a responsible and timely fashion...
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