Colorstream® Arctic Fire

Discover our formulation with Colorstream® Arctic Fire!


Colorstream® Arctic Fire seems to be born high up in the north. Where the light mixes with the elements, the colors of the Colorstream® Arctic Fire also come from. Colorstream® Arctic Fire transforms light into a fascinating color travel from silver-green through silver-red to silver yellowish green


Jar: Transparent PETG  

Polymer: Luminy-I105

Pigment. 0.5% of Colorstream® T10-02 Arctic Fire


Polymer: Borealis RJ901MO

Pigment: 0.5% of Colorstream® T10-02 Arctic Fire

0.05% Carbon Black


Cover plate: 

Made in IM3D technology

Polymer ROTEC MABS 3001 TR-AC

Pigment: 1% Colorstream® T10-02 Arctic Fire

0.01 % Pigment Blue 15:3

0.01% Carbon Black Printex 60



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