Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise

Discover our formulation with Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise!

Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise

The exciting spectacle of Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise effect is powered by a high chromatic color flop from green to silver to orange. Orange-gold colors bathed in sunlight and green shades bursting with chlorophyll are contrasting in harmony.

Colorstream® T10-03 Tropic Sunrise
Experience the color travel effect


Jar: Transparent PETG  

Polymer: Luminy-I105

Pigment. 0.5% of Colorstream® T10-03 Tropic Sunrise  


Polymer: Borealis RJ901MO

Pigment: 0.5% of Colorstream® T10-03 Tropic Sunrise

0.05% Carbon Black


Cover plate: 

Made in IM3D technology

Polymer ROTEC MABS 3001 TR-AC

Pigment: 1% Colorstream® T10-03 Tropic Sunrise

0.03 % Pigment Blue 15:3

0.005% Carbon Black Printex 60