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The EU Chips Act – Flash in the pan or a sustainable solution?

In February, the EU Commission announced the European Chips Act. The plan is to mobilize more than € 43 billion from EU funds and member countries in order to strengthen semiconductor technology capacities and increase the EU’s share of global semiconductor production.

Sustainability as obligation

These days, every company needs to include sustainability in its business strategy. Overcoming global challenges requires top innovation performance from everyone. At Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, we have set ourselves specific sustainability goals for shaping a more livable future.

Mobile World Congress points the way forward in display technology

Mobile devices with flexible displays: Multiple manufacturers of mobile communication devices have already announced them, and others have followed at the Mobile World Congress (MCW) in Barcelona last week.

In conversation with Alex Karp, CEO Palantir

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) - In conversation with Alex Karp, CEO Palantir

Digital literacy: Let’s not get left behind

Digitalization is transforming not only our lives, but also the world of work. Digital literacy training and continuing education are therefore more important than ever.

Semiconductor industry challenges in 2022: Supply chains, data, and sustainability

2021 was a year of extremes for the semiconductor and electronics industry. On the one hand, demand for chips has never been higher. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken global supply chains so hard that semiconductors have become a scarce commodity and will remain so in the future.

7 success factors for managing transformations

Markets change, new technologies upend business models, global crises like the Covid-19 pandemic occur — today, more than ever, companies are finding that they repeatedly have to change or reinvent themselves.

Glass from transparent to translucent

The liquid crystal technology from EMD Electronics is not used in displays only anymore. It is also incorporated into our eyrise glass which offers two innovative functionalities at the touch of a button.

Having the right data strategy

Only by collecting and analyzing high-quality data ourselves can we use them as a basis for making the right decisions while simultaneously helping our customers reach their goals through the use of first-class data and analyses along the entire value chain.

The healing power of electronics

Effective treatments already exist for many diseases today. However, in many cases patients still have to live with inadequate treatment or endure severe side effects. Just think of chronic inflammatory diseases.