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Overview of the structure of the compensation system

Compensation components

Executive Board compensation fundamentally comprises three main components: base salary, profit sharing, and the Long-Term Incentive Plan. This is complemented by contributions to the company pension plan as well as additional benefits. There are also additional compensation arrangements for the members of the Executive Board, in particular malus and clawback provisions and a Share Ownership Guideline.

The performance-related compensation elements – profit sharing and the Long-Term Incentive Plan – are based on a multiyear performance period and are completely oriented toward the company’s long-term development. In addition, the two variable compensation components are designed to be tied to the company’s share price to a large extent, thereby ensuring that our shareholders’ interests are particularly considered. The key performance indicators selected for variable compensation are derived from the corporate strategy and form part of our central controlling system. Like this, the variable compensation of the Executive Board members is used as a strong controlling tool in order to ensure a focus on our objective of long-term profitable growth accompanied by strong cost discipline.

The following diagram shows an overview of all the elements of the compensation system for the Executive Board members:

Compensation elements (Infographic)

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