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Life Science*

Across our three business units of Process Solutions, Life Science Services, and Science and Lab Solutions, our R&D teams, composed of approximately 2,000 employees, continue to bring expertise and a diversified and relevant portfolio of products and services to our customers around the world. In 2022, our Life Science business sector focused on delivering breakthrough innovations for our academic, biopharmaceutical, and industrial customers.

As such, we launched more than 27,000 products in 2022, including those launched through our “faucet program” for antibodies, reference materials, chemicals, and nanomaterials.

Process Solutions

In August, we launched the VirusExpress® 293 Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Production Platform, making us one of the first Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) and technology developers to provide a complete viral vector manufacturing offering including AAV, Lentiviral, CDMO, Contract Testing, and process development. This new platform enables biopharmaceutical companies to increase the speed of clinical manufacturing while reducing process development time and costs. It is an extension of our VirusExpress® offering, which can reduce process development time by up to 40%, based on our experience as a CDMO. We also launched Pellicon® capsule manifolds for single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) production in August. Uniquely designed for faster installation and safer handling of filtration areas, Pellicon® Capsule manifolds offer ease-of-use for scale-up from clinical to small-volume production of biomolecules.

Science and Lab Solutions

We expanded our ZooMAb® recombinant monoclonal antibodies product portfolio with 72 new products and added 23 new products to the ColorWheel® flow cytometry antibodies and dyes portfolio. In April, ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies earned an accountability, consistency, and transparency (ACT) label from My Green Lab, a non-profit focused on promoting sustainability in science. ZooMAb is the first-ever antibody to receive the ACT label designation and received the lowest environmental impact factor (EIF) scores in the chemicals and reagents category. In addition to these factors, the manufacturing facility where the antibodies are produced has implemented energy, water, and waste reduction measures, produces renewable energy from a wind farm, and has an environmental management system program that is International Organization for Standardization 14001 certified.

Also in April, we launched our ReadyStream® system, a novel solution that prepares and instantly dispenses culture media for microbiological food testing. The ReadyStream® system eliminates five time-consuming steps in the testing process, allowing for more streamlined, cost-saving food and beverage testing. ReadyStream is designed to save testing technicians time, resources, and lab space.

In November, we launched AIDDISON™, an AI-powered drug discovery software designed to accelerate drug discovery. The integrated platform allows rapid screening for novel molecules with machine learning models to predict pharmacokinetic profiles and design de novo molecules. This is another step in our journey to digitize the life science industry, allowing medicinal and computational chemists to optimize their in-silico small molecule drug discovery research.

Recognized for award-winning innovation

In 2022, Life Science was recognized by numerous industry organizations for excellence in innovation.

In April, the Process Solutions business unit received the award for the Best New Product/Service for the Bio4C® Software Suite featured in our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers from Interphex and in October, the Best Bioprocessing Supplier Award was given at the Taiwan Biopharma Excellence Awards.

In the fall, Life Science Services was recognized with four different awards, including the Overall Best Cell & Gene Therapy Supplier Award at the Asia Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Excellence Awards in September; and one award in October, for the ChetoSensar™ platform, given by Pharma Manufacturing’s Innovation Awards.

Science and Lab Solutions received two awards. In March, we received the CiteAb Carbohydrate Supplier of the Year award, recognized as the provider with the most citations related to carbohydrates, an important sector within the biochemicals market. In August, our 3-D printable inks were recognized with the R&D 100 award for Multifunctional, 3D-Printable Inks for Energy Products in 2022, as a result of our partnership with Dr. Marcus Worsley from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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