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Other relevant/non-financial performance measures

Along with the indicators of the financial performance of the businesses, non-financial measures also play an important role in furthering the success of the company. Innovations in the businesses as well as the promotion of a diverse workforce, especially at the leadership level, and sustained planning for the filling of company-critical positions are of particular importance from a Group perspective.


Innovation is the foundation of our business and will also be a prerequisite for our future success in changing markets. We are working continuously to develop new products and service innovations for patients and customers. Indicators of the degree of innovation are defined based on the specifics of the respective businesses.

Sustained employee development

We believe that a diverse workforce strengthens our ability to innovate. We actively promote diversity among our leaders in order to create an integrative culture that reflects our values and enables every employee to fulfill their potential. We ensure that our ambitious corporate goals can be realized through strategic succession planning for company-critical positions. To gauge the success of the related measures, we have introduced these two focus issues as non-financial indicators.

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