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As the world’s leading supplier of photoresist materials for structuring LEDs, we know how important reliable performance and accurate LED chip structuring are to our customers.

Broad selection

Our photoresists deliver the ultimate light-sensitive coating to allow the structuring of the substrate and the light-emitting semiconductor material of LEDs. The substrate is usually a thin sapphire wafer. The structures are created by illuminating our photoresists, which react to light in such a way that in some areas they reside (where they’re exposed to light) and in others they simply go away during developing (where they’re not exposed to light).

Our unparalleled track record and expertise in this area have resulted in us becoming the world’s number one supplier of photoresists in the LED space. But that’s not to say these ingenious photo-coating materials are only used in LEDs, our products are also held in high esteem in flat-panel production and semiconductors.

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  • Photoresists for lighting

Our solutions - leading the way for LEDs

As the inventor of and market leader in photoresists – and experts with a world-class track record in developing lithographic products for the LED industry – we offer a broad photoresist portfolio.

  • The benefits speak for themselves, time after time: 
  • High throughput 
  • Excellent etch resistance 
  • Superior adhesion 
  • Increased thermal stability in chip manufacturing 
  • Reliable global supply chain 

Our portfolio includes: 

  • Positive photoresists 
  • Negative photoresists 
  • Image-reversal mode  
  • G-, h-, and i-line, plus broadband sensitivity 
  • Standard and thick-film resist 

Aside from LED structuring, you can use our photoresists in many further areas such as: 

  • Lasers 
  • Sensors 
  • Flexible electronics 
  • Photovoltaics

LED processing steps and typical photoresist requirements

LED chip



(wet etch)    


(ICP etch)    


(ICP etch)    

Deep etch



& deep etch


Metallization (lift-off & plating)
POS or NEG    
NEG, IR    




2–3 um FT g-line, BB    
3 um FT g-line, BB    
2–4 um FT i-line, BB    
8 um FT g-line, BB    
6–8 um FT i-line, BB    

2–8 um FT

i-line, BB    

Lateral chip (MESA)    
Flip chip    
Vertical chip    
High voltage (variant)    
AZ SLD 2530    
AZ 1500 AZ SLD 5530    

AZ GXR 601

AZ GXR 601M1    

AZ P4000    


AZ nLOF 2000 AZ LOR-28


AZ 15nXT    

More about Photoresists?

Interested in finding out more about our photoresists, the applications they’re used in, and processes?

LEDs would be a technical impossibility without high-quality materials and professional processes. That’s why we go beyond just offering photoresists. To find out more, visit our Designing Light technology cluster and explore our whole portfolio for LED processing.

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