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LED packages are a crucial part to ensure the quality of LEDs. They are protecting the LED chip from direct contact with the environment and encapsulate the chip with LED phosphors. The materials used need to be of high quality to ensure color stability and resistance against environmental influences. 

We’ve used all our experience with LED processing to ensure phosphors on crystals fulfill all of the necessary optical and mechanical requirements. Not only are our binders ideal for spray coating applications, but they are also non-yellowing and offer ideal thermal and weathering resistance. This ensures your LED solutions are as a long-lasting as the expertise and experience that went into them. 

You name the phosphor packaging application, we have the high-quality binder materials to match. 

Our solutions for LED encapsulation layer

Our novel binder technology offers a number of new ways to create long-lasting and reliable LED packaging, especially in high-end applications.  The benefits: 

  • Ultimate color stability 
    • Minimum color shift during LED life cycle 
    • Proven non-yellowing and thermal stability 
  • Adjustable refractive index 
    • So many refractive index options, we can’t possibly explain them all here – to find out more, simply get in touch today! 
    • Ideal for optimizing light outcoupling from manifold packages 
  • Reliable barrier properties

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More about LED packaging?

Please get in touch to explore more and discover the many encapsulant options for your LEDs.

LEDs would be a technical impossibility without high-quality materials and professional processes. That’s why we go beyond just offering solutions for LED encapsulation, with products such as phosphors and photoresists. To find out more, visit our Designing Light technology cluster and explore our whole portfolio for LED processing.

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