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For alkalizing, complexing, or buffer agents, RonaCare® formulation aids are the essential ingredients for any face care, body care, hair care or oral care formulation.

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When you formulate with our aids, you’re guaranteed top-quality ingredients, maximum product safety, the highest level of analytical quality testing, and batch-to-batch consistency. Our comprehensive documentation and international standards allow you to meet regulatory requirements and speed up supplier qualification. We offer reliable and timely delivery all over the world and technical support, too.

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Our range of formulation aids make it possible to create the cosmetic applications you desire. We specialize in buffering agents, bulking agents, alkalizing agents, complexing agents, preservatives, and formulation stabilizers. 

We may not stop to think about it often, but there’s an invisible shield protecting us every day. Our RonaCare® portfolio offers powerful ingredients: preservatives for when you want to protect your product, or antimicrobials to help you focus on skin protection.

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To ensure you deliver high-quality, consistent cosmetics for your consumers, we invite you to explore our RonaCare® formulation aids. We offer the essential ingredients and services for your skin, hair, or oral care formulation needs.

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We know delivering high-quality, consistent products for your consumers is your top priority. We also know that almost all fats and fatty oils, whatever their nature and origin, have a limited shelf life. To lengthen the shelf life of fats and oils for your formulations and products, we invite you to explore our Oxynex® formulation stabilizers.

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