Formulation Examples

Formulations, made easy! Browse formulation examples in popular skincare and cosmetics categories for fresh ideas for sophisticated formulations.

A face that looks and feels great is ready for that perfect splash of color. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd. The most fascinating and eye-catching effects need the right set of pigments from the effect experts. We present to you: Ronastar®, Colorona®, Xirona®, and Timiron®. This revolutionary quartet is your gateway to unimaginable possibilities. The countless effects – in any color or texture – were made for the spotlight, letting product formulations take center stage

Who wouldn’t want to look their best in a world where appearances seem to be everything? Targeted skin care is not about vanity, it’s about well-being. Our portfolio of various skin care active ingredients offers you a treasure you can use to fulfill all desires to improve skin conditions. One can start from immediate impact like e.g. hydration support and goes further to long lasting and repairing or preparing aspects for skin. With our cosmetic actives within attractive cosmetic formulations we are able to support a healthy, flawless skin signaling balance and inner harmony in our fast-paced times of change.

Far from just being a simple means for cleaning, personal care today have become a significant way to indulge oneself and add wellness sensations to daily life. A touch of luxury in combination with skin and hair caressing ingredients create a feeling of well-being every morning.

Our extensive range of organic and inorganic UV filters gives you peace of mind and power of choice. With a portfolio that also includes encapsulated UV filters for even more formulation options, the possibilities for safe sun care seem endless – and not just for sunscreens. Get inspired by modern light protection formulation examples!

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Perhaps the greatest benefit of risk-free sun exposure is healthy tanning. This is an area where our innovative RonaCare® Bronzyl™ really comes into its own - by supporting the skin’s own tanning process and stimulating the skin’s natural protection system. And when there’s not much natural light on offer, self-tanners based on dihydroxyacetone go a long way in bridging the gap. For those who want just the opposite of a tan, we offer safe and effective skin brighteners that adjust the complexion and reduce unwanted skin pigmentation. Have a look at our formulation concepts for skin pigmentation control!