Application Technology Center

We go far beyond offering innovative ingredients to the cosmetic industry. It is our goal to provide our valued customers with active support on every step of the product development chain.

Cosmetic Application Centers

At our cosmetic application centers it’s easy to tap into our vast experience with application technology. Use the insights for your own R&D as well as gain profound knowledge of the latest trends and state-of-the-art innovations in the areas of sun care, self tanning, skin care, and color cosmetics. 

There are eight cosmetic application centers with about 30 uniquely qualified experts worldwide that provide comprehensive support to cosmetic manufacturers from around the globe. While each center has its own local focus of expertise, they all research the latest developments in raw materials as well as perfect their use in cosmetic applications.

Supporting our Clients from Ingredient to Finished Product

Collaborating with our cosmetic technology centers can help you to quickly turn a current trend in the personal care market into a bestselling product, use a powerful active ingredient or an effect pigment to create dazzling color cosmetics or anti-aging treatments, and create exciting ideas for new product lines.

You also get:

  • Kits with cosmetic sample formulas
  • Product claim substantiation (clinical and scientific studies)
  • Innovative ideas by using latest R&D materials
  • Guideline formulations
  • Solutions for scale-up processes
  • Access to technical trainings, workshops and seminars 

Workshops & Seminars

“Fundamentals Workshops” are held twice yearly and address both basic knowledge and new developments in applications. 

Customers can either participate in open workshops that use presentations, lab demonstrations and hands-on test series to provide insight into the latest cosmetic innovations or attend customized seminars that are tailored to the specific needs of individual customers. The topics cover a broad spectrum of customer interests, such as sunscreen & self-tanning formulations, skin care formulation concepts and color cosmetics. 

Attendees are invited to test glamorous effect pigments, functional fillers, UV filters and innovative active ingredients in novel applications, allowing them to get the most from their cosmetic product. 

Where to Find & How to Contact a Cosmetic Technology Center?

The focus of the cosmetic technology center at our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, is the support of R&D and marketing for product introductions in the whole world. 

All Locations

  • Darmstadt, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Philadelphia, PA, United States
  • Taipei, Taiwan 
  • Shanghai, China 
  • São Paulo, Brazil 
  • Mumbai, India 

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