Concepts that Shape the Future

The beauty industry and its premium segment are becoming increasingly demanding and constant change drives complexity to another level. We translate these fast-moving trends into one concept: Smart Effects.


Behind Smart Effects lies a portfolio, developed by our interdisciplinary team for exceptional results that range from timeless elegance to dramatic effects. While the basic human instinct is to dislike complexity, we look it right in the eye by paying close attention to the market. Thorough market monitoring and alertness are part of our daily routine, fulfilling yet unmet needs.


Allure Series of our Cosmetics Special Effect Pigments

We took matte to the next level by adding subtle luminosity for an irresistible silky-smooth finish:

 Lights Series of our Cosmetics Special Effect Pigments

Illuminating the path to higher attractiveness for your brand! Experience incredible light catching sparkle effects to blaze your formulation in sleek luster:


Let’s make your customer look their smartest by not only meeting existing needs, but also creating new desires.

Your company stands for beauty and innovation and our company stands for science and technology. Let’s achieve this together and combine our knowledge to develop effects not seen before!


Interested in a stroll in the moonlight? Because like the moon that provides luminosity in the dark, our Smart Effects newcomer Ronastar® White Allure supports dull complexions by reflecting light evenly for subtle radiance!

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We dare you to tap into hidden desires and try Ronastar® Red Lights, a sharp new shade as flamboyant as our innovation program itself. A gleaming extension of our Smart Effects portfolio that will empower your customer with new dimensions of interference red!

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In the depths of space, black is a mystery – but it also fuels fascination. Like an invitation to a new dimension, it beckons with the allure of the unknown to explore shades of ebony. Unleashing mystique, black emphasizes nobility and elegance, rounded off by a touch of drama. Signaling classic, subtle shimmer, but also underscores modernity. Just like Ronastar® Black Allure.

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Discover the latest addition to our Ronastar® Lights portfolio. But be warned! Ronastar® Golden Lights will put you in a golden state of mind. Seems like magic? No, behind Ronastar® Golden Lights lies a specially designed production process for a high-tech gold-plating effect that leaves nothing to chance.

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This stunning, deep red with its crystal-like sparkling effect is perfect for color cosmetics and various makeup applications. The highly engineered effect pigment opens up completely new dimensions of sparkle. Its intense, clear color is matched by its smooth texture, which feels great on the skin. Thanks to the way it reflects light, it adds incredible luster to any product formulation.

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Enjoy the ultimate elegance of warm burgundy and a silky matte finish. The luminous, red glow will work wonders in any number of stunning applications. From foundations to eye shadows and nail polish, this super stable ingredient adds a special touch of sophistication. It also features an unbeatable texture that simply glides onto the skin and mixes well into any formulation.

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Radiate youth with ultimate illumination. Ideal for strobing effects, this pigment’s highlighting quality adds a luminous glow to products and complexions. The bluish-white powder is great for face and body products, leaving a satiny, non-glossy shine. Its ultrafine silver-white shimmer lends a timeless elegance to formulations and brings out natural beauty.

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Effects of Light:

Illuminating the path to higher attractiveness for your brand, we are proud to present high performance pigments that are ideal to enhance a youthful and healthy glow. Whether its strobing effects, illumination or simply the perfect metallic finish for your formulation that you are seeking, we have what you are looking for.

Example of our products:

Revolutionize Performance:

From Glow to Show with our constant strive for innovation we have made it our mission to perform with outstanding revolution in design and structure. In the spotlight, you will find diverse features like magnified reflectance, long- lasting effects and smooth texture for a superior feeling on the skin. Our technology makes the pigment proportion seem larger to impress with their multidimensional sparkle. Once the product is applied it turns into a silky mirror-like texture.