Fight back against free radicals

Protect your skin, as well as your cosmetic ingredients, with our premium radical protection antioxidants. These multi-talented substances combine lasting efficiency with stability.

First and second line for radical defense

Finally, a mineral ingredient that provides radical skin protection! Thanks to a special manganese dioxide coating on microfine Titanium Dioxide, our radical protection ingredient is effective against UV- and IR-generated free radicals on the skin and is suited to build the first radical defense line (including protection from HEV and IR-A light), skin care formulations and foundations.

Facing the serious challenge of needing to develop a stable cosmetic formulation while using light-sensitive ingredients like dyes, vitamins, fragrances or UV filters? We’re proud to offer Oxynex® ST Liquid, our unique stabilizer for light-sensitive ingredients that not only protects light-sensitive ingredients, but also ensures light-stability due to its specific structure. It functions as a highly-effective stabilizer for your organic sunscreen active ingredients.

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