Essential Sun Protection

Inorganic UV filters and micro pigments are the essential ingredients for achieving safe and highly efficient sunscreens that offer both perfect stability and best skin compatibility.

Meet Your Best Defense

Together with our exclusive cooperation partner for Titanium Dioxide, Venator, we’re proud to offer a broad range of inorganic UV filters, featuring various particle sizes, inorganic coatings and organic after-treatments. To formulate very-high SPFs, Titanium Dioxide offers the first line defense against the full light spectrum, including high energy visible light—or blue light—and infrared light.

These UV filters’ ability to absorb, scatter and reflect UV light meets the standards for achieving optimal SPF and UVA performance. Safe and compatible on skin, inorganic UV filters’ non-penetrating quality,proven in a multitude of studies, makes them especially suitable for use on children and for sensitive skin.

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