Black Magic

Take the incredibly versatile black, add the shine of an interference pigment, and you get the magical luster of black pearls. You can achieve a wide range of effects from luminous matte to glossy black.

Shades of Black

Like the starry night, our portfolio of black color effects will inspire your imagination. Colorona® Blackstars provide the magical luster of black pearls, with all the colors of the rainbow. Our Colorona® Patinas combines black iron oxide with a silver and gold pearl to give a unique antique effect. Colorona® Mica Black is a non-pearlescent black pigment used to provide a dark background to enhance the effect of interference pigments, like in eye shadows and mascaras. Ronastar® Diamond Black IQ is an innovative, dark pigment with a unique glossy shine. Its composition features an ideal light reflection without light scattering centers for an even and intense sheen.

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