Ignite the Golden Touch

Our Gold Pigments add grandeur and warmth to any cosmetic formulation. Used on their own for a pure glowing gold or mixed with other colors, you’ll love the spell they cast with their brilliant effects.

The Royal Treatment

What is a queen without her gold crown? Our royal range of gold pigments include Colorona® and Ronastar®—gold pigments that display highly intense and lustrous gold effects.

Colorona® SynRussian Gold is a warm, rich golden lustrous pigment that adds a burnished grandeur to your cosmetic formulations. It features an especially lush, even color tone and excellent covering power to turn your formulations into high-impact color cosmetics or personal care products. Ronastar® Golden Jewel adds stunning brilliance and golden sparkles to color cosmetics and personal care products.

Used by themselves, these pigments—and all gold pigments in our collection—create the intense glow of pure gold; mixed with other effect pigments and colorants, they sparkle and shine across the entire color spectrum.

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