Reflect earth’s shining shades

With highly chromatic warm earth tones and a sleek sheen, our metallic color luster pigments feature ultra-silky textures that enhance fantastic chroma, rich pearlescent effects and ultimate natural coverage.

High reflection and high impact for ultimate luster

Our Colorona® metallic color luster pigments display cascading hues of warm earth tone colors such as bronze, copper and deep red. They are composed of mica coated with iron oxide, and dependent on the thickness of the iron oxide layer and particle size distribution, pigments vary in color, coverage and luster effect.

Our range of pigments also features Ronastar® Copper Jewel—a fantastic choice for formulating chromatic coppery effects and lustrous beauty. Choose Colorona® SynBronze, Colorona® SynCopper or Colorona® SynCranberry to exhibit an attractive metallic shine based on synthetic mica. Colorona® Imperial Citrine and Colorona® Imperial Topaz provide natural coverage with an ultra-silky texture, creamy feel and superior skin adhesion.    

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