Shimmer Day to Night with Silverwhite

Stay ahead of the next cosmetic trend with the most versatile color on the market! Perfect for any type of cosmetics, silverwhite pigments conjure up a natural-looking glow and shimmering finish on the skin.

Versatile Pigments for Luminous Skin

Our portfolio of silverwhite pigments features our multi-faceted and wide-ranging Timiron® brand, as well as our high performance Ronastar® brand.

Timiron® silverwhite pigments can be added to color cosmetics as well as personal care, like lip color, eye make-up, nail polish, face cream or shampoo. In face and body products they create a natural-looking glow and shimmering finish on the skin but also support the trendy strobing makeup technique for luminous, healthy-looking skin.

Ronastar® silverwhite pigments display extremely brilliant silverwhite effects combined with rainbow-like multicolor highlights. These products vary in particle size and offer distinctive multi-dimensional sparkle with magnified reflectance and good skin adhesion. Their exceptional sparkle effect imparts a smooth and soft feel on the skin with long-lasting properties.    

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