All eyes on silver

Our All Eyes on Silver Beauty Concept offers a range of pure silver effects, pearly silver-white finishes or strong metallic sparkles to enable a range of hues.

Discover the power of silver

As metallic accents and shimmering effects make their comeback in the beauty segment, you will find eight formulation concepts in the sample Beauty Concept, including classic and innovative applications, all supporting latest trends in cosmetics.

These beautiful formulation concepts are designed to provide outstanding visual effects by adding our silver-white cosmetic effect pigments to different application bases like gel, emulsion, wax, and more.

Discover two sample Beauty Concepts we think you'll like are…

Cotton Candy

This velvety sensation paired with an intense metallic pink color is perfect for the woman who has no fear of standing out from the crowd. Apply this eccentric Velvet Lip Lacquer made of shiny harmony of silver and powerful pink to achieve real beauty queen status.

Your color recipe: 

The addicting pink color is obtained by tuning an organic color base with Colorona® Carmine Red and sparkly Timiron® Snowflake MP-99. 

The mirror-like silver effect is achieved by Timiron® Liquid Silver.

Grey is the new black

Turn your hair color into an iconic trendy grey shade with the rich, silvery Hair Styling Cream. Apply the creamy formulation on dry hair: Use it on the entire head for a trendy silver-grey look or just partially for an edgy, graphic style!

Your color recipe:

The intense color effects of Colorona® Dark Blue and Xirona® Le Rouge warm up the dark silver shade of Colorona® Patina Silver.

Timiron® Supersheen MP-1001 boosts the silvery metallic effect.


Advantages of All Eyes on Silver at a glance:

  • Works great when combined with other pigments
  • Adds a silver-white effect to a wide range of application bases, such as gel, emulsion and wax    

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