Fight Against Digital Aging

Skin protection does not mean always protection from the sun. Our time in front of screens has extended much more in our new reality. Therefore we need to protect our skin also indoors – from blue light.

Effective Skin Protection in Challenging Times

Skin protection is often understood to mean protection from the sun. But there are currently fewer ways to enjoy the outdoor sun compared to normal times due to travel restrictions, warnings, and requests to avoid too many contacts.
In addition, many of us now work from home instead of going to the office. Even in the evenings and on weekends we spend a lot of leisure time in front of screens.

Electronic devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, TV – emit shortwave high-energy visible light, commonly known as blue light. Like UV radiation, blue light has been reported to trigger oxidative stress, induce skin pigmentation, and cause photoaging.

It is time to think about indoor protection!


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