Satisfy all your senses

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect product, satisfying all your senses? Have you wondered how you can match food trends with cosmetics solution? We have.

New foodie beauty concept

We want to share with you the perfect solutions to create sophisticated cosmetic products that would appeal all senses for your consumers:

  • Shape and color for the delight of the sight
  • Texture to create a wonderful feel
  • The sweetest odor to please your nose

With a touch of imagination, to create the perfect solution

Our “Made to Enjoy” beauty concept provides a perfect experience to fulfill all the needs of the senses with a foody touch of imagination. Here is the menu:

  • Apply a shaping blush smooth like a Berry Cheesecake
  • Get a radiant moisturizer that make you feels as fresh as a Lemon Sorbet
  • Treat yourself with a refreshing leg treatment with the touch of a Strawberry Smoothie
  • Enjoy a refining primer with the feeling of a Vanilla Pudding 

Hungry yet? Get in touch with your sales contact to receive your ready-to-use beauty concept with all our cosmetic formulations for a bowl of freshness and imagination

Discover RonaFlair®

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