Pearlescence Meets Personal Care

"Pearlescence meets Personal care" is a sample kit providing inspiring ideas and product concepts for outstanding rinse-off formulations like shampoo or shower gel.

Differentiate Your Shower & Bath Products

Color + fragrance + effect = your recipe for success

Interested? Please be inspired by the following keys of success or contact us. The Personal care market includes products as diverse as shower gel, soap, skin care, hair care, oral care, men’s grooming, and others. Rinse-off products represent a large area for a multitude of applications like shampoo, shower gel/body wash, liquid soap, children‘s products, men‘s products, foam bath or intimate hygiene. The market of bath and shower products as well as shampoo shows consistent growth over the past 5 years resulting in an increased variety of new and different market products.  

Do you want to participate in this growth?

Subtle pearlescent or bright shimmering effects attract customers. This simple yet eye-catching response helps to differentiate one product from another!

Examples for your inspiration–Pick your favorite effect!

Individual product stories based on color and fragrance can be emphasized with the addition of effect pigments. Here are some examples for your inspiration:

  • Timiron® SynBeam Violet perfectly fits to a lavender oil body wash with an aroma therapy story
  • Timiron® SynBeam Copper adds attractive shimmer to shampoo for brown hair
  • Timiron® Arctic Silver with its ice-blue effect optically supports refreshing claims
  • Ecocert conform pigments like Timiron® Splendid Red turn organic formulations into eye-catching products

Exquisite product concepts combining color, effect and fragrance

Synthetic mica based silver white cosmetic pigments like Timiron® SynWhite Satin create frozen white effects at low level concentrations. Good effects can already be achieved at low concentration levels from 0.005% to 0.1%. This is an economic way to visibly increase the beauty and look of your product!

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Refuel yourself with cool water and shimmering liquid soap appealing to all senses. Small amounts of Timiron® Liquid Silver add unsurpassed brilliance to this everyday personal care formula.

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Be inspired by purity for greater unity between the mind and body. Only 0.05% of Timiron®SynBeam Gold adds an exceptional golden interference effect to the green base color of this formulation.

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Enjoy a delightfully fruity kick-start every morning with this lively shower product based on lemon fresh color and 0.1% Timiron® Starluster MP-115.

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Refreshing and activating shower gel for HIM. The strong and powerful combination of Xirona® Caribbean Blue effect pigment and colorant results in an extraordinary masculine shower product.

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A perfect combination of color, effect and fragrance for velvety skin. The combination of purely inorganic effect pigments creates background color AND shimmer effect. Colorona® SynBronze teams up with Timiron®SynBeam Copper to create peachy effects.

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Dive into another world with intense, sparkling violet bath foam crowned with irresistible fragrance. The use of sparkling Ronastar®Copper Jewel on a vibrant dark violet background results in a gorgeous and opulent foam bath you won't miss during chilly winter nights.

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Playful effects and kitschy colors promise lots of fun in the tub. Colorona® SynCranberry provides a delicate pink base color with high stability. A small amount of sparkling Ronastar® Noble Sparks turns this into a cool and fun product.

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Caress your best friend with exquisite treatment for firm and shiny coats. Timiron® Arctic Silver with its silvery-blue color hue leads to a unique color shade. Colorona® SynCranberry provides a delicate pink base color with high stability.

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