Turning Heads

Do you like mixing up your look with new colors, styles, and shapes? The Turning Heads beauty concept puts the power of style in your hands. We can’t wait to see what trend you set next.

The power of style

Do you like mixing up your look with new colors, styles, and shapes? The Turning Heads beauty concept puts the power of style in your hands. We can’t wait to see what trend you set next. 

Soft Cleansing Fairy Powder

No time to wash your hair? We know the feeling! Apply our dry shampoo on your scalp and brush your hair. The functional filler RonaFlair® Extender W will clean your scalp and your hair by absorbing the sebum, RonaFlair® Boroneige® SF-3* will leave your hair soft and voluminous, while RonaCare® Bisabolol will help to make your scalp feel soothed. Don’t worry about white particles which could stay on your hair, the combination of Colorona® Oriental Beige and Colorona® Imperial Topaz color the shampoo in a dark beige tone, invisible on hair.

Dazzling Black Cream for Beard

Do you want to go darker with your beard or try a temporary, new shade? Our Dazzling Black Cream for Beard contains our intense black mass tone pigment Colorona® Mica Black combined with an irresistible mix of three different kinds of Ronastar® pigments to add a multicolored sparkling effect. Plus, not only does the cream temporarily color hair, it can be used as styling cream too! And the RonaCare® Poppy SE contained in the cream will protect and moisturize your hair.

Sunny Memory Form Hair Mask

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to treat ourselves to a day at the spa. Our new Sunny Memory Form Hair Mask will give you a little liquified luxury at-home. Its wonderful gold color is created by a mixture of Colorona® Precious Gold and Colorona® Sun Gold Sparkle MP-29. Ronastar® Golden Jewel will intensify the golden color by adding a golden sparkling effect. It’s sure to make haircare something you always look forward to!

Sparkling Multi-protective Hair Spray

Do you live in an urban city? Pollutants and sunlight can have damaging effects on both skin and hair, so we’ve created the perfect product for city dwellers: our Sparkling Multi-protective Hair Spray. Oxynex® ST liquid will protect your hair by fighting pollutants, while a combination of our organic UV filters will protect your hair against UVA and UVB rays. And the combination of Colorona® Tangerine Orange and Colorona® Bronze Fine creates a slightly orange background color while Ronastar® Copper Jewel adds the sparkling copper effect. Just shake the bottle and apply the spray every time you want brilliant and protected hair.

Shiny Shaving Gel-to-Milk

Our brilliant Shiny Shaving Gel-to-Milk creates an original and gentle way to remove body and facial hair. This appealing color is created by a mixture of the mass tone pigment Colorona® Majestic Green and Timiron® Artic Silver which add silvery-blue interference to the green background color. The color travel pigment Xirona® Moonlight Sparks adds a wonderful silvery golden sparkling effect. The formulation, which contains a high level of oil phase, will form a protective layer on your skin and the RonaCare® Bisabolol will help your skin to feel soothed.

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