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Why it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones

In the not-so-distant past, being bitten by a mosquito meant nothing more than a red spot on the cheek. There was an irritating itch for a while, but it had no lasting impact on a memorable trip to the countryside, a camping expedition, or an enjoyable afternoon at the lake. That’s how things used to be.

But the world has changed now. It’s shrinking as people develop more of a passion for travel, exotic vacations, and exploration. People also now have a wider choice of recreational activities. But this new-found freedom entails certain risks. Going to watch the Carnival in Rio? Zika is not far away. Exploring the wilderness of Africa? Malaria may spoil the fun. Visiting the Taj Mahal? Beware of dengue fever!

your bodyguard

Thanks to its specific molecular structure, which is essentially inspired by nature, products containing IR3535® go easy on humans and the environment. IR3535® produces what is called a “repellent effect”, and it does not kill or harm insects or the environment. That’s why this bug repelling ingredient has such an excellent safety record. It makes it possible to formulate insect repellents that are safe to be used by all, including toddlers and pregnant women. In fact, IR3535® protects everyone in the family. Are you trying to find a DEET-free product that protects everyone in your family without causing harm? Then IR3535® is the insect repellent you’re looking for. For instructions on how to use IR3535® safely, please read the product label. 

Suitable for everybody

Its exceptional performance makes IR3535® suitable for everyone seeking ultimate protection: families away from home, mothers, babies, toddlers, and even senior citizens – who often have sensitive skin and still require reliable protection. IR3535® is also perfect for fans of the great outdoors or people traveling to exotic destinations, especially if they need a repellent that can be re-applied multiple times a day – including at sunrise or sunset.


You’ve probably read a lot about Zika infections and the risks to babies. Are you pregnant and looking for the strongest mosquito protection possible – something that won’t harm your baby? Or are you searching for a product that won’t harm the sensitive skin of your baby with aggressive chemicals? Good news: IR3535® is highly effective and not harmful to the skin.

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your kids in the summer? There could be lots of mosquitoes and ticks out there! What you need is effective bug protection – but something that won’t irritate children’s skin. Maybe a medical expert has advised you to avoid products that are unsuitable for children? IR3535® is a perfect insect repellent in such cases, because it’s not only tough on insects, it’s also gentle on the skin.

Kids love playing outside on the weekend and on vacation. But in some areas, when you see them running around in a field, you can’t stop thinking about the ticks that might be lurking in the grass, putting them in danger of infection with harmful conditions such as Lyme disease. How can we possibly shield our children from all these tiny monsters? The answer is provided by a helpful friend: IR3535®. It’s tough ticks, but gentle on the scalp and skin.

Do you love exploring nature or generally spend a lot of time outdoors (for work or during your free time)? Are you not willing to take risks when it comes to mosquitoes and ticks, but also worried about harming Mother Nature? Bug sprays containing IR3535® are the perfect solution. They go tough on insects, but they don’t actually harm them. At the same time, they go gentle on you and the environment.

Do you like to travel a lot? Are you interested in learning about different cultures, but worried about the things you read about West Nile infections, the chikungunya virus, or the Zika virus? Just one infection could be enough to pose a serious health risk. So you probably want an effective insect repellent, but preferably one that doesn’t have a strong smell or cause itchy or dry skin. Help is at hand. IR3535® bug sprays provide long-term protection, yet are gentle on the body and keep skin feeling soft.

IR3535® is a derivative of β-alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid. It was given U classification by the WHO and has the best toxicological and eco-toxicological profile in its category for all approved biocides. IR3535® does not harm or damage aquatic organisms or persist in nature. Also, it does not actually kill insects – it merely drives them away.