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Get to know the eco-friendly IR3535® insect repellent, which keeps away all mosquitoes and ticks. 

Tested against various mosquitoes, even in low concentrated formulations our insect repellent IR3535® demonstrated reliable protection of up to 8 hours (Test Institute in Brazil, Lab Test, 2017)*. This makes it the ingredient of choice for a strong mosquito repellent. 

Of course, you’ll find a variety of mosquito repellents on the market. These contain Picaridin (also known as Icaridin), DEET, or natural oils like citronella or
lemon eucalyptus. This is why it’s important to emphasize the benefits of our
mosquito repellent IR3535®: according to the WHO, IR3535® is recommended as a safe and efficient option for prevention of mosquito bites.

Gentle on you

Are you looking for an alternative to DEET – something that is highly effective but also gentle on the skin? The solution is IR3535®. The IR3535® molecule was inspired by a naturally occurring amino acid, making it safe and effective for humans, animals and the environment. That’s why IR3535® repellents boast an excellent safety record, allowing for insect repellent formulations that can be safely used by all, including infants and pregnant women. IR3535® has not been known to trigger skin redness. And it won’t cause itchiness or dry out your skin.

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Wondering how a cage test looks like? Well, look no more!


Contrary to popular opinion, ticks are not in the insect family, but are in fact arachnids. They are known for transmitting a number of different diseases and infections. People who spend a lot of time outside have an increased risk of being bitten by ticks – so they need strong, long-lasting, and non-irritating protection. In 2008, a study by Scott Caroll showed that products containing the active substance IR3535® have a long-lasting effect against ticks (Ixodes scapularis). After just a single application, a 10% lotion provided protection for nine hours, a 20% pump spray worked for twelve hours, and a 20% aerosol provided reliable protection against ticks for 11 hours*.