Dermocosmetics are skincare solutions that use sophisticated active ingredients to directly support or care for the symptoms of various skin conditions.


The selected cosmetic ingredients help to rejuvenate skin and improve the appearance of skin conditions influenced by aging processes or other skin impacting circumstances by shifting it to dry or xerotic skin or oily/impure skin. 


Show an evaluation from a dermatological point of view:

  • Low skin irritating potential
  • Protection of the skin barrier function
  • Soothing, anti-irritant and moisturizing capabilities
  • Safe, pure, effective

Reduce the chemical load of skin

  • Use as little ingredients as possible for minimal need
  • Use of “multitasking” ingredients

…enhance consumer’s beauty and “CARE” for demanding skin to keep the beauty of it!

The NaTrue and Ecocert approved cosmetic ingredient is able to maintain skin cells’ protective properties. Further it fulfills the modern demands of anti-pollution concepts. In clinical studies, RonaCare® Ectoin was proven to intensely hydrate and moisturize deep into the skin’s surface building a moisture reservoir. As an additional benefit, it was shown to improve sensory characteristics of final products. Biotin (Vitamin H) is a coenzyme in a number of carboxylase processes and is known for the positive effects it has on skin, hair, and nails. RonaCare® Biotin Plus provides the optimal biotin concentration to produce the desired effect on topical application.

The world’s first homodetic cyclic peptide for cosmetic applications was designed to fight visible signs of aging. EMD’s revolutionary RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5 smooths the appearance of wrinkles through innovative molecular design. Cosmetics manufacturers now have access to a highly powerful ingredient with proven efficacy that slows down the skin aging process. The innovative cyclic molecular design paves the way to anti-aging efficacy in a new dimension.

RonaCare® AP provides a significant reduction of photo-induced radicals. With this easy to formulate ingredient an optimal light protection via protection against radicals induced by UV, VIS and IR radiation is easily realizable. Finally, as an efficient protector of ß-carotene, it supports skin‘s natural protection shield.


RonaCare® Luremin is a nature-identical cosmetic active with properties to maintain epidermal hydration level and soothing plus smoothing effectiveness – Retinol-like efficacy but without negative side effects. To complete the overall protection needs of sensitive skin we also would like to draw the attention to "outstanding encapsulated UV filter systems" : Eusolex® UV-Pearls®. Formulating with a solid encapsulation technology and ensuring ‘more than safe’ protection for the sensitive end user is possible without impacting the sensorial properties. Stressed and irritated skin is also supported by the natural and sustainably sourced RonaCare® Bisabolol.