We can help you protect your customers’ skin with effective, multitasking ingredients.

Urban renewal: new and urgent consumer need

In cities around the world, consumers are worried about the impact urban pollution has on their skin. Next to the short-term effects, it also causes damages in the long term. The increasing awareness of skin-related consequences leaves consumers anxious for a way to protect their skin with anti-pollution skincare. 

Skin can be negatively impacted by:

  • Environmental pollution, toxic agents and ozone
  • Different kinds of radiation (UV, VIS, IR)
  • Indoor stressors like air-conditioning
  • Infections and allergens
  • Climatic conditions

The challenge for cosmetics producers is to offer convincing ways of protecting consumers’ skin against the multiple stresses of urban living. Our 4-pillars approach helps to achieve this by identifying consumers’ core anti-pollution needs and offering a portfolio of ingredients to meet them. 

The 4 pillars of urban renewal for the skin are neutralize, balance and soothe, moisturize, protect and repair.


The first task of anti-pollution skincare is to NEUTRALIZE upcoming radicals and particles before they can damage the skin and protect against UV rays. For this purpose, we recommend:

  • RonaCare® AP, a novel substance which offers advanced, 24-hour photo-protection against UV radiation and the signs of premature aging
  • Our effective and natural antioxidant ingredients Emblica® and RonaCare®. Emblica® is a natural cosmetic raw material derived from the fruits of phyllanthus emblica, and offers protection against photo-damage, without promoting pro-oxidant action. RonaCare® Isoquercetin is an effective bioflavonoid with remarkable antioxidative power found in fruit and vegetables, which helps to keep skin smooth and prevent wrinkles. 
  • Our range of organic and inorganic UV filters for day-time protection.

Balance and Soothe

At the same time, it is important to BALANCE AND SOOTHE the skin, for example with:

  • RonaCare® Luremin®, which harnesses the power of a molecule also found in medicinal rhubarb. This nature-identical ingredient stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the cells, working as a soothing ingredient and promoting smooth, less rought skin. 
  • RonaCare® Bisabolol  - a natural oil -offers another way of soothing irritation and skin reddness. 


To keep skin looking healthy, it is essential TO MOISTURIZE it and STRENGTHEN its barrier function

  • RonaCare® Ectoin : visibly and measurably reduces and prevents wrinkles by being a long term moisturizer and supporting the skin’s repair mechanism to reduce UV - induced damage. 
  • RonaCare® Biotin Plus promotes clear skin, whilst RonaCare® Urea softens and moisturizes

Protect and Repair

Finally, it is vital to protect the skin barrier and skin cells and repair any early signs of damage with ingredients such as:

  • RonaCare® Ectoin - an environmental stress reducer due to a quicker release of heat shock protein expression. Furthermore, it protects skin’s immune system against UV induced damage
  • RonaCare® CP-5 - Bionic approach to improve visible signs of aging by triggering cell communication
  • Eusolex® UV-Pearls® - Protect against UV rays & reduce chemical load of skin
  • RonaFlair® Functional Filler – Influencing haptic properties of cosmetic formulations and furthermore creating hide away options on skin 

Multitasking ingredients help to offer consumers holistic and uncomplicated solutions to complex needs, at the same time as keeping the chemical load on the skin as low as possible.

How We Can Help

With our chemical and pharmaceutical background, we have the necessary expertise to help you address the challenge of anti-pollution skin protection and find a range of effective and appealing ingredients to address your customers’ needs.