Pure Love

Pure Love accompanies moms-to-be and young moms throughout pregnancy and beyond, helping to maintain and restore a beautiful and flawless skin. 2 formulations have also been developed for delicate baby skin.


Our Pure Love concept offers formulation that have been especially developed for delicate skin, using carefully selected and mainly natural based ingredients following the principle as little as possible, as much as necessary.

Our Beauty Concept is divided in two parts:

  • For Mom Care
  • For Baby Care

Which active ingredients can you find?

The natural and firming body oil will keep improving the elasticity of your skin thanks to RonaCare® Poppy SE. Additionally enriched with RonaCare® Bisabolol nat., this oil will support the skin's recovery from redness and helps to give a soothing sensation or feeling.

Which active ingredients & effect pigments can you find?

RonaCare® AP may help your skin to recover to a normal appearance of sebum while taking care of microbiome balance. In addition, it protects skin against oxidative stress by enforcing a 2nd defense line – antioxidative power of skin. RonaCare® Ectoin will provide you with the required moisture and completes the overall defense of skin on a cellular level.

The appealing color of this mask is defined by Colorona® SynRussian Gold creating this pale gold background color while Ronastar® Golden Jewel adds an attractive golden sparkling effect.

Which active ingredients and functional fillers can you find?

RonaCare® Allantoin conditions sensitive skin to feel soothed while RonaCare® Nicotinamide supports the skin barrier function. RonaFlair® Boroneige® SF-6 adds richness and white effect to the gel. Based on the selected ingredients the formulation enables a dual protection of the physical and microbiotic skin barrier of sensitive skin.

This baby formulation was tested by epicutan test to receive "dermatologically approved" criteria.

Which active ingredients & functional fillers can you find?

After your baby's bath, gentle apply the cream on the body and the face of your baby. RonaCare® Ectoin and RonaCare® Bisabolol will respectively moisturize and give the thin and sensitive skin of your baby a soothing feeling while the shea butter will nourish it. RonaFlair® Soft Sphere creates a nice texture and supports a smooth and pleasant application of the cream.

This baby formulation was tested by epicutan test to receive "dermatologically approved" criteria.

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