The Root Miracle

Taking influences from the skin care segment, the trend of multi-step beauty regimes is moving into hair- and scalp care. Discover our new innovations for the market!


Urban stress may have an effect to skin, but in the same way to scalp. Itchy, burning skin and scalp is annoying, and there are a few unwelcomed guests or habits coming along with this:

  • It isn't considered as good manners to scratch your head in public
  • No one wants to have skin flakes all over the shirt
  • Certain skin conditions can cause scalp tenderness or burning
  • It's tough to get a good night's sleep when an itch is driving you crazy

Let's create...


Innovative, functional and high-performance products offer new benefits for the everyday urban marathon. They protect, soothe and nourish all areas of uncovered skin including scalp.

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