Spin-on Dielectrics

FEOL gap-filling solution with AZ Spinfil® spin-on dielectric technology.

FEOL gap-filling solution

AZ Spinfil® Series is a PHPS-based (Per Hydro Poly Silazane) inorganic spin-on dielectric material designed for gap-filling and planarization for FEOL (Front-End Of Line) applications in advanced device manufacturing.

Standard process flow for Spinfil®
Spin coating and post apply bake are processed on Tokyo Electron’s spin-coater dedicated for Spinfil®, followed by oxidation process under H2O/O2 ambient by furnace.


Perfect inorganic polymer composed completely of Silicon, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen.

The polymer can be converted to silicon oxide film which has film quality comparable with silicon oxide film deposited by CVD process.

Liquid behavior of Spinfil® enables perfect gap filling in very narrow trench without any voids which is difficult for vapor phase deposition such as CVD and ALD.

Need a coater and a furnace instead of expensive vacuum CVD/ALD chamber systems. Higher throughput than standard CVD/ALD process can be expected.

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