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Beyond our R&D, it’s important to us that we support entrepreneurs, scientists and students with great ideas. We invite you to be an energetic part of our culture of innovation. Let’s pioneer together!

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In order to solve the world’s problems through science, which is the goal of our company, we cannot just work alone. While our research and development and other internal innovation teams are incredible, we are also always trying to stay open and be aware of new innovations around the world.

“The best innovation for patients and customers is generated when people from different disciplines or backgrounds work closely together. Therefore we are constantly looking for new ways of connecting scientists, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields to find new solutions for today’s technological and scientific challenges.”

Isabel de Paoli

Chief Strategy Officer

Do you have an idea that might lead to the next disruption? Let’s innovate together!*

The Biopharma Open Innovation Portal offers various collaboration opportunities for scientists, students and curious minds who want to shape the future of healthcare.

Take the Biopharma Innovation Cup, for example, where you get a chance to network with top students from around the world, work in teams to find new answers to important questions, and build a business case with support from experienced professionals.

Because sometimes you perform best when the clock is ticking, we designed our Hackathon events to push teams of students to their limits in a 24-hour timeframe or invite them to compete online in our Virtual Challenge. Some of these projects have even turned into startups of their own.

Plus, we offer a wide range of grants and awards, from recognizing outstanding research to achievements in analytical science.

*Some programs are not open to U.S. healthcare professionals.


To foster innovation and to keep providing cutting-edge science and technology for our customers, we collaborate closely with partners all over the world. We’re always seeking new opportunities to incorporate external ideas into our development portfolio.

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