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Making a positive difference: Our work is fueled by the belief that science is a force for good. That’s why we’re focusing our most innovative R&D on issues that have world-changing potential.

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For more than 350 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. And we will continue to do this in years to come - with technologies that can change the rules of the game in entire industries and make a difference to millions of people’s lives every day.

We are curious minds dedicated to human progress.

Our Challenges To Reinvent Tomorrow

  • Food Generator

    This dream product and 2021 Future Insight Prize winner would use communities of microbes to convert waste into safe and edible food to feed our growing population.

  • handheld cell counter

    Every day, scientists are carrying out cell studies to advance biology and develop new medicines. Can the handheld cell counter help accelerate their discoveries?

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  • 3D printing

    Additive manufacturing is normally used to make plastic or metal objects. Could the 3D printing of digital pills and living tissues radically change the future of medicine?

  • Powering connections

    Struggling to know what your company knows? Our digital platform enables instant access to organizational knowledge, sparking collaboration and accelerating R&D progress.

  • AI: supplying medicines

    The healthcare supply chain ensures the right medicines are available to patients when they need them. Can artificial intelligence revolutionize this complex process?

  • Curiosity and innovation

    How can we create work environments that foster innovative thinking? Find out why curiosity is the answer.

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  • Blockchain vs. fake drugs

    Blockchain is best known for its role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But could it hold the key to saving lives by securing drug supply chains?

  • Human Centric Lighting

    Human centric lighting, combined with smart lighting controls, is revolutionizing the way we light buildings, bringing health and environmental benefits.

  • Quantum computing

    Quantum chemistry is used across science and engineering, but for it to tackle ‘real world’ problems a paradigm shift in technology is needed – quantum computing.

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  • Improving drug testing?

    Organ-on-a-chip technologies offer a potentially powerful alternative for drug testing – helping to deliver new medicines to patients faster.

  • Crystalline Sponges

    Discover how crystalline sponges are revolutionizing molecular structure analysis, with the potential to transform research and even entire industries forever.


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