Our global group headquarters in Darmstadt is at the heart of our company. This is where we work on new solutions and groundbreaking products that make life better. And there’s a lot more to come.

Building our future in Darmstadt

In the plants at our main location, we develop and produce a wide range of products, including high-quality drugs and high-tech chemicals such as liquid crystals for modern displays or specialist pigments for car lacquers. The innovative life science laboratory materials are also manufactured here.

The largest of our eight global Research & Development Centers is also situated in Darmstadt. This is where we work on new solutions for the great challenges of our age.

Open to new ideas

Usually, corporate headquarters are gated in with a high fence. Does this foster an environment of innovation? Where inspiration from outside can flow inside and through the company? Can you stay connected with the people you are developing solutions for? Possibly not. That’s why we are opening ourselves to the outside. By 2020 we will have invested approximately € 1 billion in our Group headquarters. Since 2018, our pioneering and publicly accessible Innovation Center is the heart of our headquarters.

The Rhine-Main region offers an ideal infrastructure to drive innovation. Market-leading companies, excellent universities, ambitious start-ups and individuals with pioneering spirit offer great potential for the kind of network we are developing with our Innovation Center. This is where we would like to start conversations with the best and brightest from around the world and work together with them on new solutions for the challenges of our age.

Work With Us

Darmstadt is full of great opportunities

There are many exciting job options at our headquarters in Darmstadt. Have a look at our open positions and find out where your curiosity could take you.

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