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We believe in science as a force for good.

We believe in science as a force for good

That’s why our work is dedicated to the most pressing questions of our time – be it the growing world population and  its effect on the management of natural resources or the increase in life expectancy and its consequences for human health. With our solutions we are helping to meet the demand for sustainable, personalized and connected products, including new technologies and services in the healthcare, life science and electronics industries.

For more than 350 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of possibility. Thanks to the constant curiosity of our more than 7,200 R&D professionals, we are discovering and developing technologies that can change the landscape of entire industries. We partner with those who share our passion. Our clear goal is to achieve progress for patients, customers and society as a whole. This is what we work for. Every day.

Facts and figures about our research activities

  • ≈6k

    patents filed by our employees.

  • ≈7k

    publications authored by our employees.

  • ≈7.8k

    employees work in our global R&D team.

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