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Discover the many uses of the periodic table with our PTE app. Instantly find detailed information on any element, calculate molar masses of any compound, get access to colorful infographics, and more!

About the App

The Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany PTE App is the ultimate tool for every friend of chemistry - whether pupil or teacher, student or professor, amateur or expert, hobbyist or technician. Our app is a must-have of digital periodic tables. Get informed with our mobile reference work, any time, with ease, offline (smartphone app) and in detail. 

Our smartphone app (with over 4.89 million downloads!) is now joined by our newest update which features an online web version of our famous PTE smartphone app. Access the same amount of information on your browser, faster and larger than ever before with the same renowned ease of use.

Download now, or access directly online, free of charge and start experimenting. 


  • All important information about the elements: Atomic number, valence electrons, oxidation state, electronegativity according to Allred-Rochow and Pauling, atomic mass, boiling point, melting point, atomic radius, density, history, discoverer, classification, crystalline structure type, electron configuration, basic state, ionization energy, isotopic composition, state of matter, hardness according to Mohs, oxidation numbers, percentage of mass in Earth's crust, year of discovery, half-life, and much more.
  • Visualized element properties: Atomic radius, atomic radius graphic, electronegativity (according to Allred-Rochow and Pauling), ionization energy, relative atomic mass, state of matter, ranking list of properties, discovery, classifications.
  • Molar mass calculator: Simple entry field for chemical formulas. Calculate molar mass simply and quickly.
  • The web app features a completely overhauled molar mass caluclator.
  • Elemental comparison - compare elements values right next to each other.
  • Offline use. No Internet needed - applies only to the smartphone app. All contents in one app.
  • Economical handling of access rights on the smartpohne app.
  • Variety of languages: German, English, French, Spanish.
  • The web version also features new additional languages: Chinese (simplified), Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Interactive operating system: Smart operating elements and numerous selection options.
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