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From smart homes to Industry 4.0, consumer and industrial devices are having chips inserted into them to collect and communicate data. Dive deeper into our current trend stories:

  • Quantum Computing is the start of possibilities without end
  • Directed Self-Assembly (DSA): Creating the microchips of the future
  • 3D NAND: The future of flash memory
  • Self-driving cars: will they soon be reality?
  • What makes your smartphone smart?
  • 5G: Powering a connected future
  • How far from strong AI are we?


Quantum chemistry is used across science and engineering fields to accurately predict properties of molecules and materials. But for it to tackle ‘real world’ problems a paradigm shift in computing is needed.

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A new way of building microchips is here. It uses molecules that self-assemble to create the nanoscale components of a computer chip – ushering in a new era of molecular manufacturing.

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Increasing digitalization means we’re generating more and more data. But this is only possible with advanced data storage solutions – like 3D NAND.

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“Our high-tech materials are enabling the development of all the increasingly powerful microchips, sensors and other technology that form the backbone of self-driving vehicles,” says Kai Beckmann, our CEO of Performance Materials.

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Did you know that it’s high­ly li­kely that you co­me in­to con­tact with EMD Performance Materials every day? We point out what ma­te­ri­als from us are in­si­de your smart­pho­ne and how they en­han­ce its per­for­mance.

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Semiconductors are the beating heart of electronic devices. It’s fair to say that the connectivity potential of 5G is only made possible through innovations that are making memory chips smaller, faster and more efficient.

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From self-driving cars to facial recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) is being created today for specific tasks, but the long-term goal is for ‘strong AI’ – intelligent machines that can outperform humans.

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