Packaging (Back end Process)

Integrated circuit packaging is the final stage of semiconductor device fabrication. The housing or ‘package’ supports the electrical contacts that connect the integrated circuit chip to the circuit board.

Lithography refers to the patterning or shaping of deposited materials

Whether applying a positive or negative tone in conventional lithography, the wafer is coated with a chemical called photoresist; then, a machine called a stepper focuses, aligns, and moves a mask, exposing select portions of the wafer below to short wavelength light; the exposed or unexposed regions are washed away by a developer solution. After plating, etching or other processing, the remaining photoresist is removed by removers or plasma ashing. Here, we supply resist materials, developers, removers, rinses and chemical enhancements to create the thin circuitry in over forty (40) layers of circuitry. 

Thick film resists

We offer a variety of Thick Film Resists from conventional DNQ & chemically amplified positive tone to photo polymerizing negative tone to make patterned conductive circuitry in semiconductor packages.

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Interconnects and conductive pastes

Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste for production in densely assembled integrated circuits

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