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Engaging with Partners for Global Health

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31 MAY 2024


Committed to drive health equity, we work very closely with our partners to fight schistosomiasis and malaria

May is usually a very intense month for strategic dialogues to address public health challenges.
In concomitance with the World Health Assembly in the week of May 27, we had the opportunities to meet international and local experts through events and presentations showcasing the progresses of our programs on schistosomiasis and malaria.
We represented the private sector on behalf of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) at the Geneva Health Forum in the focused discussion around the approaches “Towards the Elimination of Malaria”.
Bringing together key stakeholders from international organizations, public and private sectors and countries’ representatives, we held a strategic event in Geneva to draw attention on critical aspects towards promoting local sustainability and self-sufficiency to accelerate access to innovations for neglected tropical diseases, such as schistosomiasis.  Read more here