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The ESCARGOT Project: Fighting Schistosomiasis through Innovation

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12 OCT 2018


A two-year anniversary for an inspiring team working on a novel gene-editing method for schistosomiasis transmission control

Since 2016, following the award of the Innovation Cup, a team of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from around the world has been working with the Global Health Institute towards combatting schistosomiasis by exploring a novel approach for vector control. Using gene-editing technologies, the team aims to develop genome editing tools for snails that transmit human parasites causing the disease schistosomiasis to make the snails resistant to parasite infection; the objective is to decrease disease transmission to contribute to current vector control strategies.

This year, the ESCARGOT (Eliminating Schistosomiasis – Creating Avenues of Research on Genetics of Transmission) team/project celebrates 2 years. Happy anniversary to such an inspiring team and innovative project!