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Path to Zero Malaria for prevention and cure of this deadly disease

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08 SEP 2020


The anti-malarial program achieved an important milestone: the first subject in the Phase Ib (Proof-of-Principle) trial was dosed on September 8, 2020.

Today, half of the world population is at risk of becoming infected with malaria. As part of our integrated approach against malaria, we are developing a novel pharmaceutical drug for the prevention and treatment of malaria in children.

Last week, a further step forward was accomplished. We initiated a Phase Ib (Proof-of-Principle) clinical trial to test efficacy of the investigational drug in the liver/first stage of infection and potentially prove Proof-of-Principle for prevention.

This trial follows a Phase I/Ib trial in healthy volunteers that, completed last year, assessed the safety of the compound and gathered data to support clinical Proof-of-Principle for the treatment of the disease (cure indication).

The World Health Organization recommends that novel therapies against malaria be a combination of two active principles with different mechanisms of action, in order to address emergence of resistance to novel treatments. That is why, while early clinical development is ongoing, the project team is assessing potential combination partner pharmaceutical product candidates, to initiate the next clinical development Phase for the treatment and/or prevention indication.

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