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The Global Health team at the September R&D Day

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02 OCT 2017


The team successfully presented the "As One Against Malaria" program

Under the theme ‘The Art of Collaboration’, our company held the biopharma R&D Day on September 21st in Darmstadt.

The Global Health team joined the event to present the ‘As One Against Malaria’ program and its recent achievements. The success of the malaria presentation by Beatrice Greco, Head of R&D and Access (Global Health Institute) was showcased by a growing interest and exchange with colleagues as well as with an increased engagement towards the malaria program.

As well, the exhibition booth promoted the overall initiatives and programs of the Global Health Institute. In addition, under the main theme of 'Transmission Controls for Infectious Diseases', the booth fostered our ongoing collaborations with colleagues from Performance Materials and external academic expert who joined forces with the Global Health team at the event.  The many R&D colleagues visiting the booth learned more about IR3535®, the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, insect repellent, as well as about the research program (winner of the 2016 Innovation Cup) on a novel gene editing approach to control schistosomiasis transmission.